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The Ultimate Banana Macadamia Nuts Pancake with Coconut Syrup Recipe

Recreate the tropical paradise experience at your own kitchen with this homemade coconut syrup for pancakes. This nutrient-rich coconut syrup will truly bring your taste buds to paradise every morning. Use this recipe for your breakfast pancakes. It is very easy and quick to make. Homemade Coconut Syrup for Pancakes Recipe Don’t have coconut syrup […]

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4 Ways to Hydrate and Nourish Lips in Winter

Winter is here and so are dry and chapped lips. As soon as the weather changes, the skin of the lips starts to crack and peel and bleed as well. It does not only look cringe-worthy but feels very painful at the same time. Using the regular lip-balm does not even suffice. What to do […]

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how to use coconut oil, coconut oil uses, coconut oil, natural

How to Use Coconut Oil at Home

Are you tired of learning how to use coconut oil for cooking? Do you want more from your healthy cooking oil alternative? If you use your creativity, you can create homemade products out of this oil. Make the most of coconut oil purposes in every part of your lovely abode. You may clean and polish […]

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