Welcome to Coco Trends where we are on the trends of anything and everything including coconuts..

All About Nadine


Nadine Escudero is a wandering writer and blogger. She loves travelling and exploring, and finding hole-in-the-wall dining places. She’s all about the trendiest things and loves DIY! She has made it her life purpose to save every life hack there is on the internet.

As a wannabe cook, she loves discovering new recipes and ingredients, like the versatile coconut oil (and yes, she uses it on just about anything and everything).

On lazy days, Nadine is spending time at the beach with her fur-babies, Pepe and Pido, out to discover the world or inside getting lost on a book.

Went Nuts Over Coconuts


Her love for travel and the beach lead Nadine to discover another “love”. While immersing with the locals on her first ever trip in the Pacific, she¬†found love named, Coconuts. It started with coconut water offered to her by some locals after her surf lessons. And then, coconut oil used during her massage. Soon after, she was learning how to cook with coconuts, even doing some handicrafts with the women and elderly.

Nadine now experiments with coconut products and keeps her home looking like a tropical paradise with her coconut handicrafts and DIYs.