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The Ultimate Banana Macadamia Nuts Pancake with Coconut Syrup Recipe

Recreate the tropical paradise experience at your own kitchen with this homemade coconut syrup for pancakes. This nutrient-rich coconut syrup will truly bring your taste buds to paradise every morning. Use this recipe for your breakfast pancakes. It is very easy and quick to make. Homemade Coconut Syrup for Pancakes Recipe Don’t have coconut syrup […]

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Be a Trendsetter and Go Green with Coconut Oil

With the internet’s popularity rising over the years, it is natural for us to know what’s new. From social media to news broadcasts, obviously, the world itself is at our fingertips. But despite these great innovations, there is yet countless information for us to discover. They can be anything like food recipes, online shopping, and […]

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coconut oil hair mask

DIY Time: Most Effective Hair Mask

Do you have hair problems? Do you have damaged hair? Are you suffering from unhealthy hair? Is your hair dry and lifeless? You might need this DIY. This simple method helps and protects the hair inside and out. Coconut oil to the rescue!   This is a one-stop solution from the kitchen cupboards for all your […]

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Homemade Natural Deodorant

  Body odors are gross. My mama used to tell me that it is a sign of bad hygiene. Well for the most part, yes. But, there are things you do not have control of, like some kind of disease, some foods we take or genes. I have not heard of any medication for body […]

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Oils For Beautiful Lashes..

  It is every girl’s dream to have long, thick lashes, but unfortunately, not everyone is given that kind of lashes. Here’s a treat for all the ladies in the house today. What if we tell you that we found 3 oils to make your lashes thick and long? There are three main ingredients to […]

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Paw Treat For Your Furry Friend

  It’s winter once again. It’s time to enjoy the snow outside. But it’ll be a fun experience if you can bring your furry friends with you. The snow can be harsh on your dog’s paws. Here’s a treat your dogs will surely enjoy. It uses beeswax because it forms a protective barrier on your […]

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