Coconut Syrup: Surprise Yourself with This Deliciously Healthy Natural Sweetener

coconut syrup

Of all things sweet that we can easily purchase, there aren’t many which are actually good for us. It is true that too much of anything is never a good thing, no matter how “healthy” it is. But who says we need to completely cut them off? Granted that there is no such thing as some miracle food, which can be both sweet and healthy; there are, however, alternatives we can turn to. Everyone knows that restricting one’s self from anything can be hard. But with slow progression or substitutes, eating healthy can be achieved over time. One example of this is by consuming organic and natural foods which offer many benefits for our health as well as taste buds. Let’s take a look at one particular organic sweetener called coconut syrup and see what this product has to offer.

What’s so great about coconut syrup?

We know what you must be thinking, what’s so special about this organic sweetener when there are many more just like it? Well, we are here to explain to you just what coconut syrup has to offer. Mind you, one reason is not enough.

Low Glycemic Index

First things first, what is glycemic index? It is the standard measurement used in determining how a certain food can affect our blood sugar levels. Take note of the chart provided below:

Glycemic Index Rating:

  • Low GI: 0–55
  • Medium GI: 56–69
  • High GI: 70–100

It’s important that you know about this, especially if you are keeping track of your blood sugar. Coconut syrup is regarded to be an excellent alternative to other sweeteners because of its low GI count of 35.  It’s comparatively lower to others sweeteners, such as corn syrup which has a GI count of 87 and white cane sugar which has 58-65. Although some may think that’s a small difference, remember that a small change can go a long way.

Amino Acids

What are amino acids and just how important are they? Well, they are the building blocks of protein inside our bodies. Coconut syrup offers 17 out of 20 amino acids out there. These acids help in a number of ways, such as the transportation and storage of nutrients. They also make up our tissues, cells, and muscles. The reason why this organic sweetener contains these amazing properties is due to the fact that the soils where coconut palm trees grow are full of nutrients which are, of course, evident in syrup as well.

Vitamin and Mineral Content

Aside from having amino acids and a low glycemic index, coconut syrup also offers 12 of B vitamins which help in transmitting nerve impulse, distributing fats within the body, and the metabolising cholesterol. This organic sweetener also contains minerals, such as potassium, magnesium, zinc, and iron.

Now we’re pretty sure you’re wondering how coconut syrup isn’t as famous as coconut oil yet. People in the health community are beginning to recognize this sweetener as it makes a name for itself. Even though there are others, such as maple syrup or even honey available, a simple step can contribute to your overall change in your diet.

Who wouldn’t love some healthy pancakes with coconut syrup and coffee for breakfast? But it is really important to keep in mind that again, although coconut syrup can be a good alternative, it is not some miracle food. Keep your sweet intake in moderation and enjoy the sweet and healthy taste of this natural syrup!