DIY Time: Most Effective Hair Mask

coconut oil hair mask

Do you have hair problems? Do you have damaged hair? Are you suffering from unhealthy hair? Is your hair dry and lifeless? You might need this DIY. This simple method helps and protects the hair inside and out. Coconut oil to the rescue!


This is a one-stop solution from the kitchen cupboards for all your hair care needs.


Helpful Hair Agents


As we all know, many products today use chemicals that destroy the hair instead of protecting it. Some chemicals are too strong that it actually causes breakage or falling hair. Others damage the hair and scalp, too.


That is not exactly true with this homemade concoction. This DIY uses honey, coconut oil and egg yolk. All natural ingredients because we believe that nature and natural ingredients can heal. We are using these ingredients because they are known to make hair strong and beautiful. How do these ingredients help achieve strong and beautiful hair?

Key Ingredients

Honey — Honey is a popular ingredient because it is used as a natural sweetener by many people. It is produced from the sugary secretions of plants or insects, such as floral nectar or aphid honeydew. It has attractive chemical properties for baking and a distinctive flavor that leads some people to prefer it to sugar or other sweeteners. Honey also has medical properties that are good for people, such as treatment for wounds and burns. The humectant properties of honey regulate and retain moisture in hair. It is said to strengthen hair follicles for healthy growth.


Egg Yolk –The yolk is the portion of the egg with the primary function to supply food for the development of the animal embryo. It is concentrated and tends to be rich in nutrients. It is popular in cooking, it can make mayonnaise, custard, hollandaise sauce and creme brulee. Egg yolks contain an antibody. Proteins, vitamins, and fatty acids are amongst the nutrients found in egg yolk. It contains high amounts of vitamin A, D, and E which promote hair growth and prevents hair fall.


Coconut Oil — Coconut oil is amazing! It has benefits and uses that people are sure to love and use. Because of its saturated fat content, it is slow to oxidize and resistant to rancidification.Coconut oil contains large portions of lauric acid. this is a saturated fat that raises total blood cholesterol levels by increasing both HDL and LDL.  Coconut oil is mostly used in cooking, but this product is also known to have so many benefits. This serum helps stimulate hair growth, too and promotes scalp health by fighting pathogens, lice and dandruff. It is also known to make hair shine and help it become softer. Coconut oil helps prevent hair breakage and split ends.

DIY Hair Mask


Here are simple steps to making this natural hair mask:



1 egg yolk

2 tablespoons coconut oil

1 tablespoon honey (double the amount for long hair)


Mix all ingredients in a bowl

Apply mask evenly on hair

Tie up your hair

Cover shower cap

Wait for 30 minutes before washing your hair. For best results, repeat the remedy for a week.