Gourmet Coconut Oil: Your Secret Ingredient in Making Healthy and Tasty Meals

Gourmet Coconut Oil

There is a broad array of options when it comes to gourmet oil. But amidst the competition, coconut oil has dominated the field. From renowned restaurants to celebrated local eateries to humble kitchens at home, gourmet coconut oil has found a valuable place in the pantry. Why are people choosing gourmet coconut oil?

When we talk about the perfect balance between a luscious flavor in your recipes and the health benefits you get from what you eat—gourmet coconut oil is the answer.


Admit it. It is hard to achieve the perfect taste from any recipe. Which is why you need to be sure about the ingredients to use. One wrong choice of ingredient can completely alter the taste. This is what makes coconut oil so great. Unlike other gourmet oils in the market, when you buy coconut oil, you have a choice when it comes to flavor. It is one of the most versatile and customizable ingredient which makes it every sous-chef’s dream come true.

When a recipe calls for a nutty flavor, you can easily grab unrefined coconut oil. But when you are not fan of the flavor, no worries; refined coconut oil has a neutral flavor. Whether you are looking for a strong, mild, or neutral taste—gourmet coconut oil can deliver what you savor.  

Health Benefits

More and more kitchens are now switching to gourmet coconut oil. And it is not just because of how it perfectly complements any type of dish, it’s primarily because of its incredible health benefits.

Let me start by saying that coconut oil is an extremely nutritional food, making it the healthier alternative to other gourmet oil. Since it is made from a fresh and organic source, coconut oil is packed with a lot of benefits for the body.

For one, it is rich in medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs), primarily lauric acid. We all know that, consuming a copious amount of oil or any fat can lead to an increase risk to heart disease and obesity. Which is why fats need to be consumed in moderation. If you still don’t know yet, coconut oil can help decrease the risk of weight gain by boosting metabolic processes. MCFAs found in coconut oil, unlike other types of fatty acid, is rapidly used and transformed into a source of energy as opposed to being stored in the body as fat.

On another note, lauric acid found in coconut oil helps in keeping cholesterol levels in check. It boosts your HDL, a good type of cholesterol, while keeping bad cholesterol in bay helping you stay hale and hearty. No wonder it is dubbed as a superfood!

Choose gourmet coconut oil!

Enjoy a delicious and healthy meal with the people you love when you choose gourmet coconut oil as your secret weapon in the kitchen. When you are planning to cook or bake, be sure to grab a jar of coconut oil. Use it as you would use any other gourmet oil. Take a step towards living a healthier lifestyle when you choose gourmet coconut oil.