Shower Habits That Need To Stop..Pronto! And Some Tips For Healthy Skin

taking a shower

My mother said nothing beats having proper hygiene. Aside from eating healthy, taking regular showers is important.


But having some soap and water does not mean you are doing it right. You need to get the ritual right for better and healthier skin.


If you want to shower the right way, here are some habits you need to stop doing:


  1. Do not use hot or cold water. Extreme hot or cold water will dry out your skin. This is something no one wants to deal with. Dry skin can mean non-stop itching which could mean cuts and scratches. Instead, shower with temperate water to keep natural oils in your skin.


  1. Do not take extremely long showers. Another reason for having dry skin is taking long showers. Sure, it can be truly relaxing and can take your stress, but it can strip your skin of healthy oils. The optimal shower time is five to ten minutes. If this is too short, turn off the water while you lather up or shave. Save money, save water and save your skin.


  1. Do not shampoo the whole head. Shampoo should be applied only to the scalp and roots because this is where most of the dirt builds up. The conditioner should be applied only on the tips. A conditioner will only make your scalp oily. Also, some people have more sensitive scalp than others. Shampooing the whole head can lead to allergies or dandruff.


  1. Do not use excessive lather. Excessive use of lather is also not good for the skin. Focus on cleaning areas where bacteria builds up, like the armpits, groin and under the chest (under the boob area). Concentrate on spots where there is body odor and where sweat develops. It is best to always keep them clean.


  1. Do not use oil based soap. Oil based soaps will only strip the skin of oils. This can be prevented by using water-based soaps. Another solution is using soaps with natural ingredients and fewer chemicals, like coconut oil soaps.


  1. Do not use a loofah. If you have to use a loofah, make sure to hang it outside of the shower to dry. Or, you can use a new, clean washcloth to keep things hygienic. Molds and bacteria love to breed in loofahs.


  1. Do not shave too soon. The best time to shave is by the end of the shower, not at the beginning. Hair becomes clean and soft by then. It is also best to use natural shaving creams. TIP: Try using coconut oil before and after shaving.


  1. Do not use rough towels. If you have to use rough towels, pat yourself dry instead of rubbing. Rough towels can be harsh on the skin.


  1. Did you moisturize? Do not forget to MOISTURIZE! This is the most important thing on the list. The best way to help retain moisture in the skin is by moisturizing. Use natural products, like avocado oil, cocoa butter or organic coconut oil. Avoid using lotions and moisturizer with dye, chemicals or alcohol.