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coconut oil peanut butter cookies

How to Make Coconut Oil Peanut Butter Cookies?

Organic coconut oil makes a perfect cooking oil for peanut butter cookies. This oil is made of healthy saturated fats referred to as medium-chain fatty acids. These fatty acids help with metabolism and proper digestion. Instead of turning into fats, MCFAs turn digested foods into energy. This fact made coconut oil a better substitute for […]

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how to use coconut oil, coconut oil uses, coconut oil, natural

How to Use Coconut Oil at Home

Are you tired of learning how to use coconut oil for cooking? Do you want more from your healthy cooking oil alternative? If you use your creativity, you can create homemade products out of this oil. Make the most of coconut oil purposes in every part of your lovely abode. You may clean and polish […]

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coconut oil, coconut oil uses, health benefits

Be a Trendsetter and Go Green with Coconut Oil

With the internet’s popularity rising over the years, it is natural for us to know what’s new. From social media to news broadcasts, obviously, the world itself is at our fingertips. But despite these great innovations, there is yet countless information for us to discover. They can be anything like food recipes, online shopping, and […]

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coconut oil for dogs

Dogs Love Coconut Oil, Too!

There are many reasons we love coconut oil. It is not just delicious, it is really good for our body. You may ask, oil that is good for you? Yep! That is oh so true.   When my friend told me to add some of it to my dog’s food, I had to stop and […]

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coconut oil hair mask

DIY Time: Most Effective Hair Mask

Do you have hair problems? Do you have damaged hair? Are you suffering from unhealthy hair? Is your hair dry and lifeless? You might need this DIY. This simple method helps and protects the hair inside and out. Coconut oil to the rescue!   This is a one-stop solution from the kitchen cupboards for all your […]

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